Irvine Spectrum Employer Services

Simply by working in the Irvine Spectrum area, your employees benefit from our free commuting services.

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Who We Are

A free, non-profit rideshare association that helps employees find a better commute to the Irvine Spectrum area.

How We Help

By educating employees about commute options in the area, and offering start-up incentives to try different modes of transportation like carpooling or taking the train.



How It Works

Spectrumotion is funded by all of the property owners in the Irvine Spectrum area. In turn, we offer free commuting services to all employers and employees in the area.


Start-Up Incentives

30-Day Metrolink Pass Image









Irvine Spectrum Service Area Map

Irvine Spectrum

Service Area


Any business in our service area is automatically eligible to use our free commute services.