Spectrumotion is partnering with Waze Carpool to give you even more options to find a better commute to the Irvine Spectrum area. By downloading one or both of the Waze apps, you’ll have all the flexibility to choose the carpool match that works best for you!

Choose who’s in your car, what days you carpool and whether you drive or kick back in the passenger’s seat. Want to carpool just once a week? Or drive on Mondays, but ride on Tuesdays? It’s up to you!

Get Started with Waze and Spectrumotion’s Carpool Group:

Step 1: Download Waze App to Drive, or Waze Carpool App to Ride. (You can easily toggle between the apps if you are interested in both driving and riding.)

Waze app

Waze Driver 
(Traffic App)

Step 2: Add your work hours and email address to your profile to better match with co-workers. You can put your schedule in daily, or go to Settings -> Schedule ->Availability to apply your hours to all days. You’ll then be able to request or offer a ride for each leg of the commute and easily set up your carpools.  You can schedule carpools for the whole week or just the days and legs of the trip you need!

Step 3: Check out the best matches on your route and begin to offer/request a few rides! Be sure to send multiple offers. If you don’t see an ideal match, check back in soon! More commuters are added every day!

Step 4: Join our Spectrumotion Carpool Group by going to bit.ly/Spectrumotion. Here you’ll find other Irvine Spectrum area commuters to connect with, but you can carpool with anyone on Waze’s platform.

New carpoolers can get a $100 Gas Card for carpooling 12 times in a month, and can use our Emergency Ride Home program which gets you home if you’re in a pinch if you don’t have your car.

Learn More:

The Waze support center has answers to more than 50 different Carpool questions.

Be a Waze Carpool Champion

Have you tried out Waze Carpool and love how it has improved your commute? Waze Carpool is accepting applications for "Carpool Champions" in the Spectrumotion area. Receive training on the Waze Carpool app, sneak-peeks into new features, exclusive swag and other cool experiences in exchange for advocating for increased carpooling within the area. To find out more, please contact solimanvaldez@waze.com.