Starting Monday, Feb. 11th.

Great News!

Starting February 11, the iShuttle’s NEW Rte. 404E will connect commuters from the Irvine Metrolink train station to workplaces in Irvine during peak hours. And it’s free with your Metrolink or OCTA bus pass!

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That means commuters working in our Irvine Spectrum service area off Irvine Center Dr, Research Dr and Bake Pkwy finally have a route connecting them from the Irvine Train Station to their workplaces!

The City of Irvine’s iShuttle service times up with Metrolink trains in order to help train riders make it that final mile or so to their work sites. There are two other routes that serve our Irvine Spectrum area employees: Route 402C and 403D.

Now with the new Route 404E, employees south of the Irvine Station and on the opposite side of the 405 Freeway from the station can use Metrolink without wondering how they will get to work once they step off the train.

Here’s the iShuttle Rte. 404E Schedule.

A few tips about iShuttle:

  • Buses wait up to 15 minutes for any delayed Metrolink or Amtrak trains.
  • Routes operate during morning and afternoon commute times with no service on weekend or holidays.
  • Arrive at stop 10 minutes before scheduled departure time.
  • iShuttle has two bike rack spaces on each vehicle.

For more information on all the iShuttle routes, visit

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