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Get $100 for Carpooling

Commuters who start carpooling to the Irvine Spectrum area can receive a $100 Shell Gas Card and use our Emergency Ride Home Program. Use one of the tools on our Commute Tools to find someone with your similar commute to carpool with.

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To be eligible to receive the Carpool Incentive a commuter must meet the following requirements/guidelines:

  • Work or live in the Spectrumotion service area.
  • Be a licensed driver.
  • Not have been sharing a ride (by any mode) for 90 days prior to joining a carpool.
  • Start a new carpool or join an existing carpool (as a driver and/or a passenger) with at least one other commuter who works or lives in the Spectrumotion service area.
  • Carpool a minimum of 12 days during the incentive month. If for some reason, circumstances prevent this level of participation in the first month, eligibility for the incentive will be extended to the next calendar month subject to these guidelines and prior approval by Spectrumotion.

Incentive Details


  • The incentive month is defined as the first full calendar month of participation.
  • The incentive will take the form of a one-time $100 Shell gas card.
  • Gas cards will be mailed within 15 days from the time the incentive month carpool incentive log is completed by all carpool participants. If any commute log for the incentive month is not completed by the 15th of the month following the incentive month, eligibility to the incentive is forfeited.
  • One incentive per commuter.

As a carpooler, you are eligible for our Emergency Ride Home Program. You will never be stranded at work if you don’t have a car and an emergency arises. As always, don’t hesitate to call us if you need assistance.


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