Irvine Spectrum Property Manager Services

Encourage your Irvine Spectrum area tenants to use Spectrumotion's services as a free amenity to encourage their employees to find a better commute to work.

The property manager services offered by Spectrumotion are designed to assist forward-thinking residential or commercial property managers in the Irvine Spectrum Area in getting the word out to their tenants about the free rideshare assistance available to them through Spectrumotion. Assistance that property owners are supporting financially through property assessments.

We have designed our services to be delivered directly to commuters and employers…they simply need to know we are here and ready to assist them. Your tenants will view this as an advantage to locating in the Irvine Spectrum Area.

On-Site Events & Promotions

Spectrumotion would be more than happy to hold a rideshare promotion at your Irvine Spectrum property where we can answer any commute-related questions your tenants may have. We can also participate in employee assistance promotions, vendor fairs, etc.

Rideshare Marketing Materials

Spectrumotion has a variety of collateral pieces designed to introduce our organization to your tenants and to detail our free services. We also have bus and train schedules that are appropriate to your location as well as information on carpooling and vanpooling. If you have a central location where information like this is distributed, we can supply you with the brochures and schedules. We can also supply informational emails that can be periodically sent to your Irvine Spectrum tenants.

Spectrumotion Brochure
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See our Spectrumotion Explained page for a complete explanation of how this works, and the Employer Services page to see the benefits to your tenants.


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