Work From Home Tips You Haven't Thought Of

Have a quick morning video chat with a co-worker to force a morning routine.
We get it. Your pajamas are comfortable, soooo comfortable. But it’s hard to get into “work mood” wearing your robe and slippers. Schedule a short good morning chat with a work friend so you have to make yourself presentable.


Plan your meals
You know how you stand in front of the fridge trying to figure out what what's for lunch? That'll eat away at your lunch break (no pun intended).  On top of time management, planning your meals ahead of time will clamp down on snacking and over eating. After all, all the groceries you bought for the week are now at your finger tips. Including all the treats that are supposed to last the whole week.

"Commute" to and from work
Walking to work takes on new meaning these days. Get ready for work as you would normally do. Then take a stroll around the block (physically distancing yourself, of course). Get the blood flowing, get some fresh air. Do the same on your “way home from work”. This will help separate work time from after work time.


Disconnect for faster Wifi
Disconnect devices you’re not using at the moment from your Wifi. Use your phone's cell data instead of wifi on your phone. Download playlists to your device instead of streaming them. Or even dust off the old cd or record player.

Make it harder to mess around on social media.
If you’re using your personal computer for work, log out of all your social media accounts, personal email, etc. Then remove those bookmarks from your toolbar. Try to use your phone or another device for personal stuff. If you do use your computer for social media, make sure to log out and close the tab when you're done to help avoid temptation.


Keep the TV on in the background
Don’t watch Tiger King, or whatever the current hot mess show is right now. Put something mundane on. Have you seen The Office a bazillion times? Put it on. Chances are you won’t actually watch it, but the familiar background noise will keep your mind from wandering too much, and block out noises from other people in your house. 


Be zen with a messy house
We know some people are shouting at their screen right now. But you (and the rest of your family) are spending most of your time at home right now, things are gonna get messy. Keep on top of it the best you can, but cut yourself some slack if things get a little less tidy than you’d like it.

Your turn. Tell us your best work from home tips below!

2 thoughts on “Work From Home Tips you Haven’t Thought Of”

  1. I love the “commute” to and from work idea. I’m going to implement that into my routine.

    I now start my day by putting a big glass of water and fruit in my office because I noticed that I wasn’t staying hydrated before. Also, I open the office windows (weather permitting) to get more fresh air and natural light.


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