Functional Music to Improve Focus


Harness the Power of Mental States On Demand to Achieve Superhero Status with Chandler from Brain.fmMarch 3rd, 2021 Whether you work from the office or home, distractions are everywhere. It can be hard to focus in our noisy workspaces. Cue In the two-part video series below, COO Chandler Perog, explains how the app’s music … Read more

Healthy Meal Planning Made Simple

Meal Planning OC Nutrition

Healthy Meal Planning Made Simple With Leila Page from OC Nutrition CoachingFebruary 16th, 2021 A busy schedule is one of the top reasons why people choose quick takeout meals, which are often calorie-laden and a contributor to expanding waistlines. Whether you’re working from home or bringing a brown bag to the office, menu planning is … Read more

Happily Working Virtually

Happily Working Virtually

Happily Working Virtually WFH Tips from an Executive CoachFebruary 5th, 2021 Working from home can be a great way to improve your work/life balance…or make it worse. In this video, Juliet Murphy, Executive Coach shows us how to stay happy and motivated while working from home. Even seasoned WFH-ers can use this video as a … Read more

Home Office Ergonomic Tips

Ergonomics Home Office Tips

Home Office Ergonomic Tips January 27, 2021 Working from home can be a great way to improve your work/life balance. But if your home office space is lacking, it can affect more than just your productivity. In this video, Joy Boese from E3 Consulting offers her expertise in setting up an ergonomic home office space, … Read more

Upcoming Events

Upcoming Events Image

Covid 19 Updates: Plan Your Return to Ridesharing Upcoming Events Irvine Rideshare UpdatesChanges to Incentives and New Commute Options October 7th, 2021. 11:00AM – 12:00PM.A lot has changed in the past year or so! Metrolink has a new 5-Day Flex Pass (perfect for hybrid schedules), and we’ve updated our incentives to make it easier to … Read more