Harness the Power of Mental States On Demand to Achieve Superhero Status

with Chandler from Brain.fm
March 3rd, 2021

Whether you work from the office or home, distractions are everywhere. It can be hard to focus in our noisy workspaces. Cue Brain.fm. In the two-part video series below, COO Chandler Perog, explains how the app's music uses patented neural phase-locking technology to help you improve focus at work.

brain fm slide 1
brain fm slide 1

Test Brain.fm out for yourself.

  • Part 1 Overview

    • Deep dive into brain.fm's technology and how to leverage the combo of focus / relax / sleep for maximum performance
    • Introduction of how to conduct a proper deep work session

  • Part 2 Overview

    • 25-minute deep work session with a relax session (bring your headphones!)
    • Q&A

Feeling Focused?
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Chandler Perog

COO Brain.fm

Brain.fm exists at the intersection of leading-edge neuroscience and functionally-composed original music. We leverage the experience of skilled musicians and patented technology to synchronize your brain’s neural activity, helping you achieve your desired mental state… on demand. chandler@brain.fm

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