Return to Work Guide for Commuters

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See Spectrumotion’s COVID-19 procedure updates and monitor local transit agencies’ responses. Read More… July 8th, 2020 Return to Work Guide for Commuters Watch: Waze Carpool Webinar Joining Our Waze Carpool Group Offering a Waze Carpool Ride Requesting a Waze Carpool Ride Getting Started with Waze Carpool Portions of this return to work guide are excerpted … Read more

Watch: Waze Carpool Webinar

Waze Carpool Webinar

Wait, You Can Carpool with Waze? Spectrumotion Webinar Hector from Waze Carpool gives our Irvine Spectrum area commuters a “walk-through” of the app, answers their questions about carpooling to work, and talks about $2 OFF rides. Thanks, Hector! Now is the time to get started too! ALL rides in our Spectrumotion Carpool Group are $2 … Read more