Return to Work Guide for Commuters

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Plan Your Return to Ridesharing July 8th, 2020 Return to Work Guide for Commuters Commute Stories: Vanpool Portions of this return to work guide are excerpted from the Association for Commuter Transportation (ACT) document, Supporting Commuters Returning to Worksites During Covid-19. We thank them for their generosity in sharing the information. Introduction We are providing … Read more

Commute Stories: Vanpool

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Return to Work Guide for Commuters July 7, 2020 Commute Stories: Vanpool February 26, 2019 Meet Debi from Long Beach Sometimes, it’s hard to know if ridesharing is a good fit. To help you decide, we asked our Irvine Spectrum area commuters to share their stories with us. This week, get a feel for what it’s like to vanpool to … Read more