Irvine Train Station Tour

Irvine Station Virtual Tour Blog Image

The Irvine Transportation Center Take a Virtual Tour Parking Structure Free parkingBike racks 1 of 13 « Previous Next » Passenger Drop Off/Pick Up including Uber/Lyft 2 of 13 « Previous Next » Waiting Room Amtrak agent ATM Vending machines Security guard 3 of 13 « Previous Next » Spectrumotion OfficeHi! 4 of 13 « … Read more

Envoy On-Demand EV Car-Sharing

Envoy EV Car-Sharing Irvine Spectrum

Envoy On-Demand EV Car-Sharing For an Emergency Ride Home or to get around the Irvine Spectrum areaMay 26th, 2021 An Emergency Ride Home Option without a Driver For ridesharers who aren’t comfortable sharing the ride with a Lyft driver for their Emergency Ride Home during the Coronavirus outbreak. Envoy COVID Response. Envoy is an on-demand … Read more

COVID-19 Responses

Spectrumotion COVID-19 Procedure Changes At Spectrumotion, we have returned to our normal operating procedures and are available to answer your questions between 8 AM & 5 PM, Monday through Friday at (949)727-4273 or We look forward to getting you back to the office in a better, greener commute mode! – The Spectrumotion Team Rideshare and … Read more

2019 in RideShare Review

2019 in RideShare Review

2019 in RideShare Review January 28th, 2020 Every year we survey our Irvine Spectrum area commuters to see how their year in rideshare went. This year we asked what apps they use during commutes and what are the biggest issues with their commutes.  But we always start by asking, “How do you get to work?” … Read more

Watch: Waze Carpool Webinar

Waze Carpool Webinar

Wait, You Can Carpool with Waze? Spectrumotion Webinar Hector from Waze Carpool gives our Irvine Spectrum area commuters a “walk-through” of the app, answers their questions about carpooling to work, and talks about $2 OFF rides. Thanks, Hector! Now is the time to get started too! ALL rides in our Spectrumotion Carpool Group are $2 … Read more

RideShare Month Winners

Irvine Train Station Tour September 30, 2021 Envoy On-Demand EV Car-Sharing October 23, 2020 WFH Survey Results and Winner May 6, 2020 Clean Air in the Irvine Spectrum April 22, 2020 Work From Home Tips you Haven’t Thought Of April 16, 2020 COVID-19 Responses March 27, 2020 2019 in RideShare Review January 29, 2020 Watch: … Read more