Earth Week WFH Results and Winner

May 6th, 2020

Thank you to everyone who completed our WFH survey during Earth Week! We are excited to see that so many of our Irvine Spectrum area employees want to continue using alternative modes of transportation after the stay at home order is lifted and we all return to the office.

The winner of the $50 Visa Card drawing is Andrew from Taco Bell! He was nice enough to answer some questions about his work from home experience. 

Andrew Answers WFH Questions

Previous to the outbreak, was WFH part of your normal work schedule?

It was not part of my normal work schedule. But I do have to admit, Taco Bell Corp. does an amazing job of a home/work life balance. 

What struggles have you encountered working from home?

Honestly, working from home has been a blessing. With my son out of school, I’m not worried about his daycare or trying to find a family member to watch him. But I do miss my 24 inch double monitors, the programs/apps I work on, I need huge screen. My little 15 inch laptop does not cut it. Definitely going to need glasses after this. LOL

What benefits come from working from home?

Of course what I mentioned before, staying home w/ my son. Let alone, being SAFE, not going out in public, adhering to Gov. Newsom’s mandates of staying quarantined. I have older family I’m around. Knowing I’m not out there daily, with a chance of catching Covid-19, kind of eases their mind. The team meetings have gone without a hitch, Zoom/Microsoft Teams meetings work really well.

Do you have any WFH tips that you've found helpful for yourself?

Make sure when you have your virtual meetings, your microphone is on, or video is off when it needs to be. It's funny to see someone’s bedhead, or talk and no one hears you. And make sure pets are in another room or outside.

What kind of policy has your company put in place for this WFH situation?

Only mandated policy that I know of, we are not going back to work until June now. But the company has been doing positive things in midst of this Covid-19: weekly company updates on our Intranet, posting work-out sessions, and casual live meetings about peoples worries about whole situation, how to cope and family needs, etc. Really positive things.

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