Clean Air in the Irvine Spectrum (with pictures)

April 22nd, 2020

Today is the 50th Anniversary of Earth Day. While we can't enjoy it as we normally would, the Spectrumotion team is focusing on the positives of the situation. Namely the beautiful, clean air we've been experiencing due (in part) to the lack of traffic on the road.

If you’ve been able to get outside, you’ve probably noticed the change. From a clear view of the snowcapped mountains to Catalina Island off the coast, it’s hard not to notice the difference. With so many people working from home, the air quality in Southern California has improved substantially. So much so that L.A. has some of the cleanest air of all major cities in the world. That’s a far cry from our normal air quality levels.

Better savor the beauty. It won’t last forever, unless…

When the coronavirus crisis calms and the region eventually returns to normal, so will our air quality. One day we’ll see a mountain, the next day we won’t. Actually, the peaks will probably fade out of view slowly. That’s because when the economy starts the slow process of re-opening, companies and their employees will likely come back to work in staggered fashion. Some employees will probably still telecommute for quite a while. And when things happen slowly, you tend not to notice the change.

You don’t notice an extra 10 pounds until its there. Luckily, there is something we can do.

Our world has been upended and our behaviors have changed by necessity. Some of that change can be a good thing. In fact, one of the best times to change your habits (and make them stick) is when you are forced to. Like moving to a new city for a job promotion. A change in eating habits for health reasons. And yes, even a pandemic.

When it’s finally time to come back to the office, consider creating a new commute routine. Even a couple of days of alternative commuting can have a big impact on our air quality, and on traffic too. Whether it’s keeping up with a telecommute routine, carpooling once or twice a week with a co-worker or Waze Carpool buddy, or taking the train to the Irvine Train Station, we all have a chance right now to change our habits for the better.

This is a trying time for everyone, everywhere, but we can create our own silver lining. Let’s use this time to make a change that will benefit ourselves, as well as our community.