RideShare Month Winners

November 7, 2019

Thanks to everyone who entered our RideShare Month drawings and joined our Waze Carpool Group.

Irvine Spectrum’s RideShare Month in October was a great success! We met lots of new people and saw some of our favorite regular riders around the Irvine Spectrum area.

Thank you to all the companies that had us out to promote all forms of ridesharing (anything aside from driving alone) with their employees and tenants. It’s great for the environment and great for your commute!

Without further ado, here are our 2019 Irvine Spectrum RideShare Month Winners!

$2500 GRAND Prize Winner:
Lauren from Nihon Kohden

$2500 Choose Your Own Adventure Getaways:
Elaine from Captial Group
Hai from Cylance

$100 Hornblower Cruises (Social Media Drawing): 
Connie from Stantec

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Learn all about how to use your favorite navigation app to carpool as a rider or a driver to work in the Irvine Spectrum area.

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