Home Office Ergonomic Tips

January 27, 2021

Working from home can be a great way to improve your work/life balance. But if your home office space is lacking, it can affect more than just your productivity.

In this video, Joy Boese from E3 Consulting offers her expertise in setting up an ergonomic home office space, tips on staying productive while working from home, and some easy stretches you can do in any office setting.

  • Video Overview

    • What is Ergonomics?
    • Examples of real home office set-ups.
    • Setting up the right WFH workspace.
    • How to increase your productivity while working from home.
    • Stretches and exercises you can do from your home office.

Downloadable Ergonomic Tips

Work from Home Tip Card

Ergonomic Stretches & Exercises

Joy Boese

President of E3 Consulting

A leading-edge Office Ergonomic & Design Consulting Firm.

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